Better Ball Net Pair & co-event with The Challenge Cup @ Sunshine Valley

Saturday, May 22, 2021
07:56 AM - 02:30 PM
Sunshine Valley Golf Club / 旭陽高爾夫球場

Better Ball Net Pairs-

Players from Division A and B are partnered in a ‘better-ball’ competition. The higher Stableford points on each hole is the pair’s score. Prizes for top five pairs.

Challenge Cup-

This is the first year of “The Challenge Cup.”  12 IGST players (6 pairs) will be grouped to compete with the Challenging team, “3 Nations,” in a Better Ball Net Pair Match Play format. Similar to the Ryder Cup, the team who scores more points will be the winning team. The winning team will keep the crystal trophy for one year.  We hope to make this an annual event.

“3 Nations” is a local Taiwanese golf team with many good golfers and they are sending 12 players to compete with the IGST team at the event.

Chairman Ray will pick 12 IGST players from among the 5/22 event sign-ups who have similar handicaps to the team from “3 Nations.”  These 12 IGST players will be competing in both the IGST Best Pair competition and will also battle with the “3 Nations.”

Please arrive 30 minutes before the tee time.

Fee: NT$2,850